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HP is one brand which rules the printing industry over the years. Each HP Printer model that is released reaches the pinnacle of success right after its launch. HP knows what the customers require in a printer and incorporates sophisticated technologies with a great user interface. These capabilities make HP, a reliable brand across the globe. If you have purchased HP Printers, you can actually execute quality printing at an affordable price. Novice to HP Printer setup? Here is how you can complete the 123.hp.com/setup in detail.

How to Complete 123 HP Printer Setup via 123.hp.com?

HP printers, copiers and fax machines are incorporated under a single machine  and it is shortly known as HP All in One printer. There are so many models out there from which you have to choose the best HP All in One Printer which satisfies all the requirements. 

Step 1

Whether you have a Mac computer or Windows, the HP Printer setup instructions apply to both as the configuration available here is solely for the HP All in One Printer. If you have any queries, get instant help by connecting with us.

Step 2

Now let’s start with unboxing process which includes steps like removal of packing materials, safeguarding the in-box supplies and gearing up your HP Printer All in One for the setup.

Step 3

After that, install the HP genuine ink cartridges and insert the papers into the main tray as well. You are half way through the HP Printer setup process.

Step 4

You are just done with the first half (Hardware printer setup) and it’s time to proceed with the second half (HP printer software setup).

Step 5

Now you can complete the HP printer driver download by visiting www.123.hp.com/setup or www.hp/123 website.

Step 6

When you visit the HP printer website, you can install the HP printer driver that was recently released by HP.

Step 7

Though the HP Printer setup without CD is possible, experts suggest HP driver download and install from HP Printer website (www.123.hp.com/setup or www.hp/123) only.

Step 8

After downloading the essential printer driver, you need to follow the onscreen prompts that appear on the screen. Complete the HP Printer setup on a successful note.

Don’t procrastinate if you have any doubts in setting up the HP Printer, just connect with our team to get instant solutions.

Best HP Printers – 123.hp.com Printer Models

HP printers are classified into several models such as HP Envy printers, HP LaserJet Printer, HP OfficeJet, HP OfficeJet Pro, HP DeskJet and more. The top-three HP Printer models that are on-demand are mentioned below. Get to know about the specific HP Printer models in detail. 

HP Envy Printer

When you are in need of a personal printer, HP Envy printers are the best.  HP Envy All In One printers don’t occupy more space but provide the exceptional prints using less ink. Totally, they fabricate prints at a lesser cost without compromising on the quality. Without compromising on the quality.

HP Laser Printer

HP Laser Printers will provide lightning fast outputs within fraction of seconds. All you have to do is connect the HP Laser Printer All In One to the computer and install the latest drivers from 123.hp.com/laserjet to start printing your docs right away. 

HP OfficeJet Printer

Whether you want a printer for business purpose or own use, you need to consider HP OfficeJet Printers at least once. As the name implies, it is intended for official usage and personal utilities as well. Just pick a model from the best HP OfficeJet Printers available according to your requirements

HP Printer Setup for Mac

Here is how you can perform HP Printer Setup for Mac and start printing without any hassles. The very first step you have to take in HP Printer setup for Mac is, downloading the necessary drivers from 123 hp.com/setup and configure your HP Printer accordingly. Let’s get to know about connecting HP printer to Mac in detail.

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HP Printer Setup for Windows 10

Before moving forward with HP Printer Setup for Windows 10, you need to finish certain configuration settings on the desktop. Just Tap the Windows key and enter “Change device installation settings”. Now you need to select Yes before clicking Save Changes. Install the HP Printer drivers after setting up the printer on Ethernet, Wireless or USB connection. Then proceed with the following steps to install Windows Built-In driver.

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Download the HP printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup

  • Go to any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) in your desktop and then furnish 123.hp.com or 123.hp.com/setup before clicking Search. 
  • When you click the Search button, millions of results will be displayed from which you have to choose the very first search. 
  • Now you need to enter the HP printer model number and tap the Search button in the 123.hp.com/setup URL. 
  • Tap Download option and then run the file as administrator on your computer. Sometimes, the HP Printer setup  for Mac dialog box will necessitate the user to provide the username and password of the desktop to progress. Enter the essential details and tap Install software 
  • After installing the latest version of HP Printer software, you have to pick the Connectivity method. Choose Wireless or Ethernet connection and then tag along with the onscreen prompts to complete HP Printer Setup for Mac
  • Don’t forget to insert the USB cable when you prefer Wireless connection and HP Printer driver which has basic functions will be installed in via USB. 
  • Navigate to the Apple Menu and then Tap System Preferences. Choose an option that suits you well and enter the printer name before clicking the Plus (+) sign. This will add the printer and tap Continue. Finally, you need to click Print Using or Use Menu before tapping the Add option. 

HP Printer Setup for Mac is successfully completed. Get set to print your documents right away.

Install the built-in Print driver using Add a Printer Wizard

It would be easy to complete the procedure if you make use of the Add a Printer Wizard in your desktop. No matter what connectivity type you make use of, just follow the steps to complete HP Printer setup for Windows 10 on a successful note. 

Go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Add a Printer. Now you’d be able to include HP printer to the list. Just move forward with the onscreen instructions and then conclude the HP Printer setup for Windows 10. If your HP printer is not listed, just include it manually. If in case of any queries, just reach out to our HP printer support team.

HP Printer Setup Without CD

It is quite easy to execute the HP Printer setup without CD. Most of the user would prefer installation CD to complete the HP Printer driver setup. However, downloading HP printer driver from  the hp 123 setup website is suggested. It is because the hp.com/123 website will contain the latest version which incorporates bug fixes and enhancements essential for the better printer usage.  

Just visit 123.hp.com/setup or 123.hp.com URL and type the HP Printer model to download the newest version of your printer driver. After completion of driver download, you will have to execute the HP printer software file as admin and then follow the instructions that appear on screen.

Common HP printer problems

The common HP Printer issues include HP Printer Wireless problems and HP Printer offline Issues. Check out the reasons behind these issues and how you can eliminate them in minutes. 

HP printer Wireless problems 

Here is the list of reasons which are the root causes for HP Printer wireless problems.

  • Can’t connect to wireless network via Wireless setup wizard
  •  Printer not found during setup or installation 
  • Can’t find Wireless printer 
  • Wireless network connectivity is lost in HP Printer 
  • Wireless light blinking incessantly 

HP Printer offline Issues

You will get to view HP Printer offline message on the computer screen. This issue occurs when the printer is not connected to the internet. When the HP Printer offline issue arises, you will not be able to print documents. Make use of the troubleshooting tips given below. 

HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps

When you use HP printers, it is normal to hit upon errors. However, recovering back from the error is a piece of cake provided that you execute the HP Printer troubleshooting steps well. Make use of the directives given below to get rid of the issues in minutes. 

Restart the HP Printer, computer and router 

  • The common solution for the problems in any technical device. Whether it’s your mobile or printer, restarting is the simplest and most effective solution. Start with the basic step for any critical issues you are currently facing in the HP Printer. 
  • Turn off the printer and detach the cables linked to it. Shut down the computer and disconnect the cables between the devices. Finally, disconnect the router and switch it off as well.  
  • Now connect the cables and try to switch on the devices one after the other. If the issue is resolved, start printing. Otherwise, proceed with the next step. 

Check for driver updates 

When you update the HP Printer driver, the bug fixes and enhancements might resolve the issue. Most of the HP printers would run on the recent printer software version. It is better to work with the latest printer driver version. 

Uninstall the HP Printer driver 

You should certainly uninstall the HP Printer driver if the steps mentioned above didn’t work. Just go to the computer’s Printer and Devices option and then remove the printer driver. 

Once you finish the above process, start the HP Printer driver installation again and check whether the printer issue is resolved or not.

HP print and scan doctor

You can also make use of the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility which is the best tool to eliminate the printer woes. This utility tool will diagnose the printer and then provide valuable suggestions for the HP Printer issues. 

If the steps don’t work, you can connect with our technical support team who will fix the issues in minutes.You can make use of the above steps to eradicate any printer issue that’s making the printer management tough.

HP printer Installation support

If you are finding it hard to finish the HP Printer setup, you definitely require expert assistance. Our technical support team are here to help you out and deliver effective solutions that will eliminate the problems instantly. Our technical team are available round the clock to get rid of the HP printer issues. Most of the experts in our team have hands-on experience in eradicating the printer issues in minutes. All you need to do is connect with us by calling the toll-free number and get in touch with the experts right away. 

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